Guardianship and/or Conservatorship is a legal process used when a person can no longer make or communicate safe and sound decisions about his/her person and/or property or has become susceptible to fraud or undue influence. Because establishing a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship may remove considerable rights from an individual, it should be considered only after other alternatives have proven ineffective or unavailable. Medical conditions and/or age (child vs. adult) primarily determine when there may be a need for a Conservator/Guardian.

More information can be obtained from regarding:

  1. alternatives to Guardianship and/or Conservatorship
  2. affected rights of the individual
  3. the legal process involved in establishing Guardianship and/or Conservatorship
  4. the determination of a Guardian or Conservator’s scope (oversight of an estate vs. oversight of a person). Generally, a Guardian is a court appointed fiduciary who is responsible for ensuring that the personal day-to-day needs of a child or incapacitated adult are taken care of. A Conservator, on the other hand, is a court appointed fiduciary responsible for managing the financial affairs of a child or incapacitated adult.

The professional Guardian/Conservator does not take the place of a family member. They will coordinate and monitor professional services needed by the incapacitated person or child, such as selecting a caretaker, in-home care and other services. If appointed as Conservator of the estate as well, the Guardian acts on behalf of the incapacitated person in providing oversight in handling of assets, income and other financial affairs of the person.

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